Listing of Parish Ministries


On behalf of the parish family, if desired, a member of the parish will meet with the bereaved, answering any questions they may have and aid them in selecting the prayers and music for the funeral mass. This parish member will help create a Worship Guide to be distributed at the funeral mass.

If requested by the deceased’s family, the Parish may be able to provide hospitality for a bereavement gathering after a Funeral held at St. Anthony.  Please see the Hospitality entry below for more information.

Collaborative Ministry

The Archdiocese of Boston has created a program to promote and organize collaboration efforts among local parishes.  St. Anthony Parish will be matched with St. Anne Parish in Hull.  A collaborative is a grouping of one, two, or three parishes that work together for the goal of evangelization. A collaborative has one pastor, one set of assigned priests and deacons, and one Pastoral Team (including Pastoral Associates, Religious Education and Faith Formation leaders, Finance and Operations specialists, and administrative and facilities personnel).  All of these work together for all of the parishes of the collaborative.  The collaborative has one Pastoral Council, and one Local Pastoral Plan for evangelization.


The Evangelization Committee is dedicated to the missionary activity of the Church within the parish. Their primary goal is to go out and spread the “Good News.” The Committee assists individuals in their journey of faith as they go through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process. The team also seeks to find pastoral ways of welcoming back into the faith community alienated Catholics. [More]


The Hospitality Committee seeks to promote the social well-being of the parish family. Committee members assist at parish functions and events, initiate and support at small coffee socials after Sunday worship services, and provide hospitality for bereavement gathering after a Funeral held at St. Anthony if requested by the deceased’s family. Members of this committee are also asked to encourage parishioners and guests to attend these gatherings so that the parish may build community through fellowship. [More]


Please see the liturgical ministries page for the description. [More]


The Music Ministry provides the music which enhances the liturgies at St. Anthony Parish. The choir sings at the 9:30 A.M. mass each Sunday during the program year. New members are always welcome to the choir! Choir Rehearsals are conducted on Thursdays at 7:30 PM in the choir loft.

Religious Education

The Religious Education Committee recognizes that faith formation is a lifelong process. It seeks to build upon the free faith response of individuals and fosters through instruction to adults and youth a Catholic faith that is living, conscious and active.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry promotes activities and faith formation to, by and for the youth of our parish. It seeks to build faith and develop the talents of the youth through, service, fellowship and evangelization. [More]