Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council has long been established to empower the Laity to have active involvement and work in collaboration for the mission of the Church. Our primary purpose is to assist the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education and service activities within the parish.

Our objectives are to asses adequately the needs of the whole parish and its members, and to develop and implement a pastoral plan which will promote the common good of the parish. We foster unity and a sense of community in the parish and to coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interest of the parish. Finally, we promote programs and activities recommended by the Archbishop, Archdiocesan offices and agencies as well as the pastoral council itself.

How We Do It

Our Council is made up of you, the Parishioners. The total number of members depends on the size of the parish. Ordinarily the minimum number is ten and maximum twenty. Elected council members serve a three year term and appointed youth representative serve a two year term. A Term of Office starts in the month of June. The Council meets six times a year starting in September though June. This allows enough time to foster ideas and implement decisions.