Youth Ministry Overview

St. Anthony Youth Ministry Grades 9-12

The Youth Ministry promotes activities and faith formation to, by and for the youth of our parish. It seeks to build faith and develop the talents of the youth through, service, fellowship and evangelization.

Our Meetings: every Wednesday from 7-8 pm at the Parish center.

Peer to Peer Style!

Truthfully our lives have a way of taking us over and sometimes we can forget what is important. Our weekly meetings help all of us to remember what we have done and what we need to do. These meetings are not designed to be a classroom or a Bible study in the more traditional sense. Each of us talks openly about what we see and understand about the world and then see how our faith is such an important part of what we understand. This faith journey is just that. We are constantly learning. We may lose our way, but we always find a way to comeback. Each of us has a unique perspective of how our faith plays out in our lives. I always say to the group my faith is where it is because of my life circumstances, yours is where it is because of yours. No one is better or more important than the other. What is important is the central part of our faith, God’s love for us and our love for God.

-Bill Mezzetti

Our Service: Each month we commit ourselves to the service of the Parishioners and to the Pastor, Deacon and staff of St. Anthony. We carry out our stewardship through faith in action! Look around you will see us at bake sales, flower sales, participants in the 5pm Sunday night Mass, during the Catholic Appeal each year, in your neighborhoods raking leaves each fall, to Christmas tree removal ,bingo night, and pasta dinners.

Our Annual Mission Trip: at the end of the school year June / July for one week Saturday to Saturday.